Rep. Swanson’s Committee Work to focus on Public Safety, Education, and Veterans Issues

State Representative Dan Swanson announced he has been appointed to key Illinois House committees dealing with issues of public safety, education, and Veterans Affairs.

“I am honored to represent my district and our state on these committees, as these are topics that I feel very passionate about,” said Swanson on Friday. “I know that there will be much work ahead as we move into the 100th General Assembly, but I am thankful to be able to contribute further on these critical issues.”

Rep. Swanson was appointed to the Public Safety Appropriations Committee, the Fire & Emergency Services Committee, the Elementary & Secondary Education: Curriculum and Policies Committee, the new Special Committee on Police & First Responders and the new Special Committee on Veterans’ Affairs.

“As a former school board member, a veteran, and someone who cares deeply about public safety issues, I could not be more proud than to work on behalf of our region on these issues,” said Swanson.