Swanson bill signed by Governor to boost Higher Education Opportunities for Students

Rep. Dan Swanson thanked the Governor on Friday for signing Senate Bill 2527, a measure Rep. Swanson sponsored in the Illinois House to remove the cap on the number of dual-credit courses in which Illinois students may participate.  

“Local high school students in Knox County brought forth this idea after running up against caps on dual-credit courses,” said Rep. Dan Swanson.  “In a competitive global economy, Illinois students should not be limited in taking dual-credit courses, as long as the instructor is a qualified Illinois instructor.”  

Senate Bill 2527 will increase access to dual-credit courses to Illinois students.  This change will allow students to get more of a head start on college, boost our community colleges, and reduce the overall cost of higher education for students.   

“These courses are an extremely effective, as well as cost-effective option for many students.  I am thankful that local students brought forward this idea and I was happy to serve as Chief Sponsor in the Illinois House after my Senator, Chuck Weaver, passed this legislation in the Senate.”   The Illinois Association of Gifted Children stood alongside local students in advocating for this change in current law.  The Illinois Community College Board is responsible for oversight and review of dual-credit programs.   Governor Bruce Rauner signed Senate Bill 2527 on Friday, August 9th at Richwoods High School in Peoria.