Swanson: “Unacceptable for this Situation to Continue”

As Illinois approaches the third year without a state budget, it is indeed, unacceptable for this situation to continue.

We made numerous offers to work together developing a bipartisan budget, but the majority party was unresponsive. Rather than work together to pass a true balanced budget, the majority party uses their tax and spend playbook.   

Our schools, higher education institutions, social service providers, and vendors deserve the certainty that comes with a comprehensive balanced budget.  However, we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past- passing budgets that are not balanced simply to allow politicians to look good at the cost of the long-term fiscal security of our State.  These past mistakes have forced job creators, seniors, families and college graduates out of our state to greener pastures elsewhere.  

This week we saw the Senate Democrats propose to “solve” this issue by simply raising taxes on Illinois residents while continuing to spend more than we bring in and failing to institute reforms demanded by Illinois voters.  This Senate budgeting process was neither bipartisan nor truly balanced.  We can solve this crisis, but only by working together.   The path that got us here has been obscured with wrong decisions and imprudent actions.  Now is the time to find a new path forward.  I am working hard to ensure that path is one we walk together, side-by-side, and not simply by following any partisan leader.   

Let me be clear- I cannot and will not support a budget that asks Illinois families to pay more without changing the way we do business as a State.  There is still time to solve this as a State and not go off the cliff, but it’s going to mean working together and respecting each other’s priorities all to achieve a common goal toward a better future for our once and future great State of Illinois.  

Rep. Dan Swanson

Illinois House- 74thDistrict