Swanson Reaction to Governor’s Live Address: Catastrophic Results if Impasse Not Resolved

State Representative Dan Swanson issued the following statement following Governor Rauner’s Live Address on the eve of Special Session to resolve the budget impasse:

“Illinois has reached to point of catastrophic results if the state budget impasse is not resolved by the end of June. The uncertainty for our schools opening their doors in the fall, social service agencies not fulfilling the needs of our most vulnerable citizens, and road construction projects halting are all completely unacceptable to continue. Over these past few weeks, I have been meeting with and calling school superintendents, mayors, county board members, visiting senior centers, touring the Kewanee Life-Skills Re-Entry Center, addressing service clubs, fire chiefs, township officials, veterans, visiting food pantries, and meeting one-on-one with constituents from within the district. The message is clear from all of these groups- a comprehensive balanced budget must be passed now.”

Swanson continued, “our citizens deserve a balanced budget that has hard spending caps, delivers structural changes to attract jobs back to our State, and improves Illinois’ future to correct the missteps and mistakes of our past. The “Capitol Compromise” plan is one that the Governor can sign and includes priorities of both parties. While I don’t like every element, the bills set a good foundation to start.”