Rep. Dan Swanson hosts Veterans’ & Seniors’ Fair in Bureau County

Rep. Dan Swanson and Perry Memorial Hospital hosted a Veterans’ & Seniors’ Resources Fair on Wednesday in Princeton to provide local Veterans and seniors an opportunity to interact with state and local agencies available to assist them.

“We often hear the complaint that you cannot connect with agencies face-to-face and are pushed to learn more online-only, but these events allow our Veterans and seniors to make that face to face connection with services that may be helpful to them.  We owe a great debt to these men and women and this is just one small way we can make sure they know about services and programs available,” said Rep. Swanson.  “As a Veteran, Veteran advocate, and legislator, I am honored to host these events to help Veterans connect with services, right here in their communities that can help improve their quality of life.”

The Bureau County event was the second in a series of four events Rep. Swanson hosted this week throughout the 74th Legislative District.  Tuesday’s event was in Aledo midday, Wednesday’s was in Princeton late day, Thursday’s in Galesburg midday and Friday’s midday in Geneseo.  Bureau County’s event was hosted at the Bureau County Metro Center at 837 Park Avenue West in Princeton.  Dozens of attendees joined dozens of exhibitors representing state, local, and community agencies in providing information to Veterans and seniors in attendance.  A free healthy meal and snacks were provided by Perry Memorial Hospital.

In addition to learning more from exhibitors, the Princeton Rotary Club opened their Iron Lung Exhibit for the event and educational seminars regarding high blood pressure, stroke awareness and prevention, and other important topics were covered by Advanced Practice Nurses and the professional medical staff of Perry Memorial Hospital.

More info. on this week’s remaining events can be found here.