Honoring Veterans today and throughout the year

It’s a strong priority of Rep. Swanson’s to stand up for Veterans and honor their commitment to defending us all. 

Honoring our Veterans should not just be confined to Veterans Day. To that end, Rep. Swanson sponsored and passed legislation this Spring to create license plates honoring veterans of the Cold War.

“Many of our Cold War veterans do not receive the recognition they deserve despite their service to the United States during a critical time in our history,” said Rep. Dan Swanson.  “Now we can honor their service and say thank you with this proper recognition of their work in serving our Nation.”

In addition to signing the Cold War License Plate Bill into law, Governor Pritzker also signed Swanson-backed legislation, Senate Bill 2076, to bring the Illinois Code of Military Justice in line with the federal Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Continuing his unwavering commitment to Veterans, Rep. Swanson again hosted several Veterans & Seniors Resources Fair in his district at the end of July, as he has done for since serving in the Illinois House.  The goal of these events will be to help connect Veterans with state and local resources in our region.  “I know it can be a sometimes-daunting task to cut the red tape put in front of our returning heroes.  Helping Veterans and area residents to be able to connect with a real, live person from these agencies, face-to-face, is an important aspect to their getting the help and assistance they need,” said Swanson.

Swanson hosted Veterans & Seniors Resource Fairs in 2019 in Mercer County, Henry County, Bureau County, and Knox County.