Swanson reacts to Governor Pritzker’s State Budget Address

State Representative Dan Swanson issued the following statement following Governor Pritzker’s Budget Address today:

“I was grateful to see the emphasis on education funding during the Governor’s Budget Address,” said Swanson.  “State dollars invested in education not only make critical investments in our communities, but also can help stem the tide of increasing property taxes plaguing nearly every region of our State.”

“However, the message I hear time and time again is that people are getting taxed out of their beloved state.  We must take steps to keep people and jobs in our state and I didn’t hear enough talk of how that is reflected in our State Budget.  These documents are a blueprint for the kind of Illinois we hope to create.  Right now, we need a growing state instead of a shrinking state in order to fund those shared priorities.”

Swanson went on to talk about values House Republicans would like to see reflected in this year’s State Budget, including, “flat or reduced spending, making the full state pension payment, and no new taxes and fees.”