Swanson persuades Illinois Department of Agriculture to Host In-Person Pesticide Applicator Testing in 74th District

“Working with Director Jerry Costello, I was able to secure an in-person testing site for pesticide applicators/operators in the 74th District,” announced Rep. Dan Swanson on Monday.

“This testing is a serious matter and online testing has been prohibitive to many applicators/operators whose computers are technically unable to comport with the safeguards in place to ensure no online cheating is occurring in the testing,” said Swanson. “With a variance granted last year for expiring in 2020, the Department now has even more applicants to test in 2021. In light of these difficulties and the distance for West Central Illinois applicants to travel to in-person testing sites, I contacted the Department and requested they consider adding a testing site nearby. I was happy to help them with location suggestions and am pleased that we found a location which can accommodate area applicants.”

The Oxford American Legion Post #1197, 211 W. A St, Alpha, IL was selected to host this one day testing on March 2, 2021 from 10:00am-1:00pm. Seating is very limited, and demand is high. Registration is available through the Illinois Department of Agriculture website at https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/agr/Pesticides/Pages/in-person-testing.aspx

Training/study materials are available at the IDOA website, as well. In previous years, training was offered prior to the testing, but because of today’s circumstances, only in-person testing is provided separate from the self-study that may be completed using materials on the IDOA’s website. It is an applicant’s responsibility to conduct their own studying. 

Background on the testing requirements: https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/agr/Pesticides/Pages/Certification-and-Licensing.aspx

“I want to thank Director Costello for his assistance in adding this test site. While the testing is offered virtually, many of the farmers who reached out to me do not have the capability to conduct the test on-line. I encourage people to sign up today at the IDOA website,” said Swanson.