Rep. Swanson Resolution Declares May 2022 as Lyme Disease Awareness Month

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Dan Swanson (R-Alpha) has earned unanimous support for HR 780, a House Resolution that declares May 2022 as Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Swanson, a member of the House Lyme Disease Task Force, says the Resolution is meant to encourage the Federal government to do more to find a cure for Lyme Disease and to draw attention to the issue. 

”Lyme Disease is a growing problem, and one people may not be as familiar with as they should,” Swanson said. “About 34% or 1/3 of ticks in the State of Illinois is infected with Lyme Disease, with deer ticks being detected in 36 counties. Lyme Disease unfortunately can come with long-term health effects due to the lack of quick and effective treatment. I’m working to educate health care professionals, students, and the general public as to the true danger of tick-borne diseases.”

Rep. Swanson welcomed Jennifer Russell, the executive director of the Illinois Lyme Association to the House gallery. 

During the 101st General Assembly, Swanson passed HB 889, which mandated state-supported health insurance programs to cover long-term treatment for Lyme Disease patients. Swanson previously passed the Lauren Russell Lyme Disease Protection Law in the 100th General Assembly. Swanson introduced HB 3634 earlier in the 102nd General Assembly, legislation that would add a veterinarian to the State’s Lyme Disease Task Force.

HR 780 urges the Federal government to allocate more funding toward finding a cure for Lyme Disease and encourages the Illinois State Board of Education to begin educating students on tick-borne diseases. The measure earned unanimous support in the Illinois House on Thursday, April 7.