Rep. Swanson comments on $50 billion state budget

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Dan Swanson (R-Alpha) voted No early Saturday morning on an unbalanced, $50 billion state budget which increased state spending even though revenue declined.

“This budget relies on gimmicks to appear balanced, but every year we find out that the devil is in the details,” Swanson said. “It raids funds that are intended for local governments. It spends $550 million on health care for undocumented immigrants, even though the program is estimated to cost twice that amount. And it underfunds hospitals and the caregivers for the developmental disabled.”

The budget also includes a pay raise for politicians, the second one approved in less than six months.

Republicans were shut out of the budget process until the 3425-page document was revealed late on Thursday night. Every Republican voted No, but the budget passed and is now on its way to the Governor.

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