House Republicans renew call for ethics reform

With the spring session getting started, House Republicans have renewed the call for ethics reform in Springfield. Illinois has seen too many public officials entangled in corruption for too many years. We must act to reform our ethics laws now.

The House Republican ethics reform package includes several different bills to address the different scandals which have hit state government in recent years. House Bill 4286 institutes a three-year revolving door ban on legislators becoming lobbyists. House Bill 4289 expands the definition of “officials” in the current law to include more local government positions and also expands the legal definition of “lobbyist.” House Bill 1277 would suspend benefit or annuity payments to a member or participant in a retirement system or pension fund if that person is charged with a felony.

These are just a few of the ethics reform proposals we need to act on this spring. To read more, click here.