Galesburg leaders join Emerging Women Leaders conference in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD – Naomi Law and Shirley Chu, both of Galesburg, were among the honored guests this week as the Illinois House Republican Caucus hosted the annual Emerging Women Leaders conference in Springfield. Both were guests of State Rep. Dan Swanson (R-Alpha).

Law, a retired educator and author, and Chu, a restaurant owner who provided meals to first responders and hospital workers during the COVID pandemic, represented the 71st district at the conference. During the day they had the opportunity to observe the House of Representatives, participate in workshops and breakout sessions, and meet with leaders from around the state, including House Republican Leader Tony McCombie, Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lisa Holder White and Springfield mayor Misty Buscher.

In all more than 50 women leaders from every part of Illinois were part of the conference.

71st District residents can find more news about the General Assembly and information about upcoming events on Rep. Swanson’s legislative website at