It was an FFA Saturday

It was an FFA Saturday. I participated in judging and narrowing the field from 13 to 10 candidates of the 2024-2025 FFA State Officers at Lincoln Land Community College.

Our team judged Officers candidates on impromptu speeches. They were given the following scenario, which they had two minutes to read and prepare: you went to Springfield to visit Representative Swanson to discuss FFA funding. Unfortunately he was tied up in committee and unavailable to meet. You decide to see if you can catch him in the Capitol hallways.

So the candidate entered in a classroom where I am walking simulating the Capitol. The Candidate walked up to me which started their 10 minute conversation. I was amazed with the abilities of all the candidates and the professionalism of the current officers who planned the event. There were other events too for the candidates to complete.

Afterwards I traveled to Bushnell to attend Bushnell-Prairie City’s FFA Banquet. The students achieved many accomplishments this past year. Congratulations on your hard work.

I also had a great evening with the Sherrard FFA. Congratulations to the Weber Family for becoming Honorary Members of the Sherrard FFA!